Lemon Rx News

2018 MAY 10

The RF chipset that is likely used by Horizon Hobby, Spektrum and Hobby King will no longer be available due to the EOL of all Cypress proprietary RF transceiver including CYRF6936 and CYRF6986 by 2018 AUG. After a few months of very hard work by the Lemon Rx technical team, we are glad to announce that we have succesfully come up a Cypress compatiable chipset based on SDR technology (Software Defined Radio). Lemon Rx belives that SDR will be the future of professional RC. A single transceiver architecture with modulator and demodulator connected to a high speed processor allows full compatability with ANY brand of RC system based on software defined RF protocol. SDR technology will be a game changer in professional RC history. For every penny you spend on, Lemon Rx will continue to invest large portion of resrouces for reserach and development with turly innovative, quality RC product.

The current proposed design had been tested to work with Cypress 1st generation to 4th generation proprietary RF transceiver specifically tested in full compatability with CYRF6936 and CYRF6986. For any enquiry, please click on "Contact Us" at the bottom of this site.

Below showing partial of our works during devleopment.